Hosting an interactive activity?

Great. Now let's cover our bases and have your insurance info on hand.


Who needs to submit insurance?


- All activities that the public is invited to participate, and where there is any risk must have insurance on file with the event.

         Examples include:  a fitness class; a climbing wall; or a martial arts demonstration

- All activities where the set-up has a risk factor must have insurance on file with the event.

        Examples include:  a performance stage where you are bringing yourown rigging;  an activity where as an activity host, there is a risk factor (even a clown on a unicycle would need a waiver in place) to the host and/or the public.


Insurance amount:  The standard amount is $1,000,000 coverage. We ask for that standard amount.


Insurance details:  We ask for a certificate of insurance naming as an additionally insured certificate holder:

City of Berkeley Attn: Eric Brenman, Special Events Coordinator - 2180 Milvia Street, 2nd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704
Downtown Berkeley Association - 2230 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley ,CA 94704
North Shattuck Association Berkeley - 1700 Shattuck Ave. #318, Berkeley, CA 94709
Walk Oakland Bike Oakland - 436 14th Street, Ste. 101, Oakland, CA 94612
Heart of the Town Events - P.O. Box 70174., Oakland, CA 94612


Once you have your insurance certificate, email it to the event directors at:

Please be sure to include the name of your group in the email. Thank you!